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At Exotic Gourmet our priority is to deliver high quality cuisine and innovative presentations, Your dishes will be designed meticulously for you, our Chef Cynthia will take care of every flavors and presentations. In this section you will find some of the special dishes that our chef has created. taking into consideration the Peruvian, Chinese and European gastronomic culture



 1) Caprese – Tomato – Mozzarella – Fresh basil  Balsamic 

2) Causa – Peruvian potato mixed with yellow pepper and lime juice, topped with vegetables salad, avocado and our signature yellow pepper sauce

3) Strawberry – Lettuce – cucumbers – Feta cheese – Nuts – Strawberry dressing 

4) Arugula – Burrata cheese – Beets – Nuts – Balsamic 

5) Grilled scallops – Lettuce –  Caramel pears – Celery – Nuts – Vinaigrette 

6) Mandarin – Orange – Lettuce – Dried cranberry – Almonds – Orange dressing    

7) Ceviche cup – Fresh fish – Lime – Peruvian corn – Chili – Onions




 1) Grilled filet mignon – Blue cheese sauce – Grilled asparagus  

2) Pork Tenderloin – Hoisin sauce – Sweet  potato puree

3)  Stir fried beef Tenderloin  onions, tomatoes, cilantro – Soy sauce –  Yellow pepper risotto 

4) Grilled Sea bass fish – Sea food red peeper sauce – Grilled potatoes 

5) Beef tenderloin – Red wine sauce – Truffle potato puree 

6) Skin smoked salmon  – Honey Dijon mustard sauce – Quinoa 

7) Grilled jumbo shrimps – Risotto red pepper 



1) Cheese cake Passion fruit 

2) Mango mousse 

3) Fruit tart  

4) Chocolate tart

5) Flan 

6) Chocolate raspberry cup cake


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